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At Fuller Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc., our mission is your safety. Our team specializes in sprinkler systems, fire alarms, security and camera systems, fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems. We continually strive to be the best and most efficient Fire Protection provider in Georgia and Alabama. Our team of qualified, dedicated and experienced Technicians have the skills and knowledge to assess and address your unique fire and safety needs. It doesn’t matter the size or type of property (residential, commercial, or industrial) you need protected.



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The wrong time to worry about your last alarm system upgrade or inspection is at the moment those alarms should be going off.

We provide fire alarm systems for residential, commercial, industrial, government, healthcare, and educational facilities. We work with Fire Marshals, engineers, and architects to provide the best code compliant systems.

Regardless of who installed your system, take advantage of the 24-hour availability of Fuller Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc.



We have provided the Chattahoochee Valley with fire extinguishers for over 30 years. We offer our customers the best in fire protection, quality, performance, reliability, and affordable service.

As your service provider we inspect, service, and maintain your extinguishers so that when the need arises, you can be confident that you will be protected from fire. Whether you need one or a hundred fire extinguishers inspected, serviced, or recharged, we offer fast and reliable service.


Should a fire occur, a sprinkler provides precious time by suppressing a fire until firefighters arrive to extinguish it.

We offer sprinkler system installation, inspection, and follow-up to ensure your system successfully functions in an emergency.

Our design and engineer technicians possess NICET certification, use the latest software utilities, and our work is done in accordance with requirements and codes issued by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).


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Fuller Fire and Safety offers the highest quality camera systems, services, and products so you can monitor everything that happens in your home or business.

Our highly qualified technicians will provide professional installation and maintenance services to ensure that the camera systems work properly, achieve strategic placement of the equipment so that even the most difficult or remote areas of the property are covered and monitored, and continuously provide the complete protection that you want and need.


Fuller Fire & Safety Equipment, Inc. has proven capabilities to provide sophisticated fire suppression systems in locations with special hazards.

We’re a recognized leader in special hazards protection systems, specializing in the layout and installation of dry chemical, FM-200? and CO2 systems.

Our fire suppression systems professionals will work with you to find your next fire suppression solution. Contact us and receive a no-obligation consultation, survey or solution.


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Fuller Fire and Safety specializes in the installation and monitoring of home and commercial security systems, and surveillance systems.

With over 30 years experience, we pledge to provide you the most efficient, cost-effective home and commercial security systems available. Whether you’re in the market for a simple security alarm for your home or a complex office video surveillance system. We can design the ideal, custom security system to protect your employees, loved ones, and investments.